From Little Things Come Big Things

From Little Things Come Big Things
From Little Things Come Big Things

Friday, December 6, 2013

Celebrity Crush

Most my friends had normal celebrity crushes as kids.

Uncle Jesse from Full House.
Johnny Depp.
Leonardo di Caprio.
Zach from Saved by the Bell.

Not this girl.  I'm the girl who came out of the womb a music nerd, and if we're being specific, a choir nerd.  At the age of 4, my mom realized I had a gift and love for music theory, and once I learned the whole concept of how to read music, my favorite pastime was sight reading.  For fun.  (For those that may not know, sight reading means to perform music without sight, so without ever having seen it before.)  I loved to open the hymn book to a hymn no one ever sings at church and try to sing the alto, tenor, or bass parts perfectly the first time I ever saw them.  See?  Nerd.

Naturally, my first celebrity crush was a singer.  I'll give you a prize if you know who this guy is before you keep reading...

Guys.  I know.  As a 6-year-old, I just had a thing for older men, apparently.  Older men who could sing, obviously.

I still remember the day I fell in love with Stephen - or as I liked to call him, Stevie.  I was sitting on the 6th row of the tabernacle, watching the King's Singers perform... Christmas music, was it?  I can't remember, because apparently I was too distracted by the undeniable chemistry that was being passed between me and Stevie as he sang.  IT WAS ELECTRIC.  We made eye contact during the first song.  And then again, and again, and again... and I just knew, he was the one.  He obviously felt the same way.  (Or probably I just happened to be in his "stare into space as I sing" line of sight.)  Either way, I felt SO special.

Well, I never saw Stevie again.  It was pretty heart wrenching, though my obsession with the King's Singers remained steady and constant through the years.  I am pretty sure I know every word of every one of their songs from the 90's - I can still sing the part of any instrument in Freddie Feel Good's five piece band.  I also got to sing the solo for "M.L.K." in 9th grade madrigals during my wannabe alto phase.  (Sidenote: this phase is still kind of occurring - altos have more fun, musically and otherwise.  They just do.)  As a missionary in Pennsylvania, I was never really homesick, until I heard the King's Singers would be the MoTab Christmas concert guests.  Imagine the TERROR!  I count staying on my mission that month one of my greatest lifetime accomplishments!

That's my Stevie on the right.

What I'm trying to say is, of all the King's Singer fans (er... stalkers) in the world, I'm probably the most obsessed.

On Sunday morning, 23 years after my first encounter with the King's Singers, I GET TO BE THEIR BACK UP SINGER.
(Okay, me and 360 of my MoTab friends.  BUT STILL.)

AHHHHHHH.  I might be freaking out a little.  Guys.  This is a DREAM COME TRUE!

No, Stevie will not be there, but there will be some other handsome singers, for sure.  So what if they're married or engaged or who knows what?  So what if I will approximately 2.3 miles away from them, in the tall first soprano section we fondly refer to as outer darkness?  The distance may be great, but I am certain they will feel my love from afar.

So, while I should probably be memorizing one of the 22 Christmas songs I need to know next week, I think I'll spend my Saturday jammin' out to "Good Vibrations."

And Stevie, if you are out there, just know, you made a little 6-year-old nerdy music girl's day.


Dan Taggart said...

Just saw you sing the solo for Bob Chilcott (Music and the Spoken Word). Must be pretty great for an admitted King's Singers fan.

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